Fura Fura

Fura Fura, a Japanese word, means ‘flapping of a cloth in the breeze’. Evoking that spirit, we bring you our carefree and fluid outfits inspired from spontaneous expressions and simple joyful creativity. It is a prismatic voyage in pastel sunset colours made with hand crafted techniques like tie-dye, marbling and block printing. Swirling marble prints joyously dance, over which flowers bloom. The happy pastel dresses burst with blossoms, gathers, layers, bows, polka dots and poet sleeves. The vintage inspired smocked organza dresses with dense forest prints are dreamy and nostalgic.

This collection brings memories of summer holidays playing with marbles, eating cotton candy at the local fair and the nature-filled, slow days. The layering of the prints on dye patterns creates a ripple effect on feather-light natural organzas and chanderis. Colours blend together to form new ombres and float with lovely wildflowers.

Slip into these beautiful, lightweight and airy dresses to feel instantly alive!