Birch DressBirch Dress

Birch Dress

INR. 15,800.00
Blue Mist Linen CoatBlue Mist Linen Coat

Blue Mist Linen Coat

INR. 17,800.00
Sunset Bird ScarfSunset Bird Scarf

Sunset Bird Scarf

INR. 11,800.00
Sirius Strap DressSirius Strap Dress

Sirius Strap Dress

INR. 12,800.00
Maple Tier DressMaple Tier Dress

Maple Tier Dress

INR. 17,800.00
Ukiyo TunicUkiyo Tunic

Ukiyo Tunic

INR. 17,800.00
White Nights ScarfWhite Nights Scarf

White Nights Scarf

INR. 7,400.00
Snow Quilt GiletSnow Quilt Gilet

Snow Quilt Gilet

INR. 14,800.00
Ukiyo Quilt BagUkiyo Quilt Bag

Ukiyo Quilt Bag

INR. 7,200.00
Winter Safari PantsWinter Safari Pants

Winter Safari Pants

INR. 7,800.00
Snow CulottesSnow Culottes

Snow Culottes

INR. 7,800.00

Take a walk amongst rocky descents where sunset hues meet rich cobalt skies, snowy whites meet green pastures and glowing peaches meet pops of deep maroon in the valley. 

Explore our new collection, Heart in the Highlands where each piece is crafted from artisanal handloom fabrics with intensive hand-done processes encapsulating the charm of slowly crafted ensembles. We take you to a world of sun-lit peaks, white clouds and blue skies. 

Inspired by the deep and dazzling colors and the lofty panoramas of mountain landscapes, Heart in the Highlands evokes nostalgia for time spent in the hills with sloping meadows, far reaching valleys, laid back local culture and sublime natural beauty. Sunset oranges, cerulean blues, pristine whites, pastel greens and deep maroons meet in a medley of tones inspired from the magnificent forests and sweeping vistas of the high mountains. 

Highlights of this collection include quilted jackets and overlays, coats in handwoven merino wool, winter layers in linen, Buna’s signature dresses; all thoughtfully crafted to transcend trends and seasons.

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