Buna lighting combines our passion for handmade with an attentive use of materials and artistic minimalism. Our lighting accommodates the needs of everyday life through a unique sense of beauty, lightness and form. We aim to expand our collection through a constant exploration of new materials, crafts and applications. With a contemporary take on our inspirations, we commit to a tradition of quality, in-house design and craftsmanship in lighting.

For our limited edition "Slow Yarn", we have used luxurious crochet and macramé crafts, which are contemporary yet rooted in the rich traditions of these versatile crafts. We have used natural and locally sourced fibers and materials. Our lights made of cotton yarns and ropes are elegant and inviting. Woven through the objective of Buna, the intention is to help support the crochet and macramé community of Meerut, India.