Raindrops on the Nile

Droplets flushed by warm light making tiny ripples in blue waters. The fragrance of acacias teasing your nostrils and a misty breeze drizzling over your closed eyelids. The melody of a distant refrain waving in your ears and taking your mind into a languid reverie. A restful space...

We evoke the timelessness of the nightfall and the quiet of the evening sun as it drifts a while. As autumn approaches, the weather cools down and the festivities ring in the air, we bring you feminine and charming dresses in azure blues and deep ecrus. We keep the palette soft and earthy, add versatility to the pieces, and give you more options to style them with pants, stoles and skirts.

For the woman who wants to celebrate the new season with laid back charm and partake in the festivities with subtle elegance… The woman who has seen life in all its glitter and beyond it! After all, it's about the life and the memories you make in your exquisite clothing.

This winter, we bring you feminine and charming maxi and midi dresses in azure blues and deep ecrus. Raindrops on the Nile uses high quality handwoven cotton silks and pure silks with subtle raindrop motifs, block prints and hand embellishments to give theses dresses a nostalgic aura.