Vapour Flowers

The waters gush and dance, winds rustle in-between the silences, flowers bloom and wither, new leaves come, old ones wilt, fruits ripen, bees hum, butterflies flutter, earthworms dig, morning dew sparkles on bushes, distant mountains go pale and blue, the sun wakes up the day, nights sleep deeply under the stars. . .

Nature has no equal and we at Buna want to rekindle its unparalleled grace and charm in our lives. Little things work as reminders - the little creeper that spurts out on a cracked wall, the tiny weed flower that blooms in a neglected pot, the canary that sings from morning till evening without fail. Our clothes are an ode to nature’s poetry. The textiles are created where nature still rejoices in its raw beauty, life moves at an unhurried pace and simplicity epitomises the hearts of the village folk.

This collection uses India’s heritage textile, Jamdani to fashion easy, sublime and ethereal garments. Jamdani is a form of loom embroidery with intricate, opaque motifs woven over a fine muslin base. The process involves skilfully fashioning and interlacing geometric motifs while hand weaving the muslin fabric without any loom attachments. Singular in their exquisiteness and beauty, Jamdani fabrics are acutely labor and time-intensive. A craftsman may take months to weave a small quantity of the refined cloth.

Staying true to our minimalist aesthetics and taking our inspiration from some immaculate flowers in nature such as water lilies, geranios and irises, we have designed delicate, airy and intricate motifs on the finest khadi muslins. The silhouettes are breezy and loose evoking the carefree spirit within you. Add them to your wardrobe for that special occasion or feel free and spirited in them all day long. Whatever you choose, remember to preserve them as a legacy that might go extinct in a few years.