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A Summer Romance

Your Love Reminds Me of Summer
Cherry lips and raspberry wine,
Jasmine flowers on climbing vines,
Palm leaves rustling in the sunshine,
Wishing we could slow down time.

-Christy Ann Martine

A Summer Romance

Summers have always been romanced and their magic is reflected in our collection, ‘Yours Truly’ replete with dreams, stories and good cheer. Dresses featuring exotic flowers, scattered over like impressionist art invoke nostalgia, bringing a whiff from refreshing mistrals! Turquoise and lilacs, whites and peaches coming together in a symphony of colours, broken by notes of French knots, sequins and thread-work. We bring you lovely whites and soft lavenders.

A Summer Romance

Our Harvest Moon Dress is speckled with delicate violets embroidered along the neckline. It is minimal and ethereal and an ideal companion for long summer days.

Imagine lying on a sheet of wildflowers curled up with a book that transports you to lands unseen and stories unheard. Dressed in your Buna fineries, you and the wildflowers become one, whispering a secret that only you two share. Handcrafted in beautiful gossamer cotton silk in a luxurious shade of beige, our Herb Country Dress is strewn with tender floral prints. A play of polka dots in the delicate slip dress speaks of the playfulness the season brings with itself.

A Summer Romance

Tender details of beads, flowers, tassels and lace dance upon fine fabrics. Our Aster Bow Dress in pastel lilac is handcrafted in the softest cotton silk fabric. Its billowy shape and bow ties remind us of the carefree times, when we spent days picking flowers in the fields making garlands and crowns. We transport ourselves to those simpler times of small joys as the sunshine dances on our soft fabrics.

We bid you adieu till next time, as the sun sets with glorious hues, the scent of jasmine blossoms hangs in the air and the promise of another summer of love and sunshine waits to be written for the books!

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