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Woman wearing a cream floral long-sleeve dress with elegant embroidery.Kindred Pleat Dress - Image 2
Kindred Pleat Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 15,600.00
Woman wearing a long, white, floral dress with bell sleeves.Vintage Garden Maxi Dress - Image 2
Vintage Garden Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 15,800.00
Woman in white floral dress with puffy sleeves against neutral background.Watercress Chintz Dress - Image 2
Watercress Chintz Dress Sale priceINR. 16,800.00
Woman wearing a vintage-inspired checkered and floral maxi dress indoors.Cloud Walker Maxi Dress - Image 2
Cloud Walker Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 17,600.00
Elegant woman in vintage pink floral dress with ruffled sleevesVeiled Rose Dress - Image 2
Veiled Rose Dress Sale priceINR. 18,500.00
Woman in floral long-sleeve V-neck dress with subtle smile.Mythical Blooms Wrap Dress - Image 2
Mythical Blooms Wrap Dress Sale priceINR. 23,000.00
Woman wearing a white embroidered dress with lace detailing.Journey Home Maxi Dress - Image 2
Journey Home Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 21,000.00
Woman modeling a floral embroidered cream dress with puff sleeves.Painter’s Dream Silk Dress - Image 2
Painter’s Dream Silk Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 17,600.00
Woman in a white embroidered dress sitting on a chair.Sweet Refuge Dress - Image 2
Sweet Refuge Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 18,500.00
Woman wearing a long, pink floral dress standing indoors.Lantana Maxi Dress - Image 2
Lantana Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 18,200.00
Woman wearing a white floral dress with long sleeves.Evergreen Angarakha Wrap Dress - Image 2
Evergreen Angarakha Wrap Dress Sale priceINR. 16,500.00
Woman in elegant cream dress posing in studio setting.Soul Wanderings Wrap Dress - Image 2
Soul Wanderings Wrap Dress Sale priceINR. 18,400.00
Woman in a pink sleeveless dress with ruffled shoulders.Confetti Organza Dress - Image 2
Confetti Organza Dress Sale priceINR. 17,800.00
Woman in white, floral-embroidered dress posing fashion portrait.La Vania Dress - Image 2
La Vania Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Woman in floral long-sleeve dress against a neutral background.Tao Chintz Dress - Image 2
Tao Chintz Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Woman wearing vintage floral dress with puff sleeves against neutral background.Chasing Sunsets Dress - Image 2
Chasing Sunsets Dress Sale priceINR. 17,700.00
Woman in floral embroidered dress with detailed smocked bodice.Symphony Tie Bow Dress - Image 2
Symphony Tie Bow Dress Sale priceINR. 15,400.00
Woman in a checkered dress with floral print standing indoors.Sweet Serenade Dress - Image 2
Sweet Serenade Dress Sale priceINR. 15,400.00
Woman wearing plaid wrap dress with floral pattern, posing against beige background.Oasis Wrap Dress - Image 2
Oasis Wrap Dress Sale priceINR. 18,800.00
Woman in a long floral dress posing against a neutral background.Jojoba Shirred Dress - Image 2
Jojoba Shirred Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 16,800.00
Woman modeling a white floral summer dress with checkered pattern.Cornsilk Midi Dress - Image 2
Cornsilk Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 17,200.00
Woman in white dress with floral embroidery, posing against neutral background.Mikasa Silk Tunic - Image 2
Mikasa Silk Tunic Dress Sale priceINR. 19,500.00
Woman wearing a cream floral dress with soft background.Cascading Vines Dress - Image 2
Cascading Vines Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 17,600.00
Woman Modeling Pink Floral Long-Sleeve Dress in Studio PhotoshootChalkpink Tier Dress - Image 2
Chalkpink Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Woman wearing a white floral blouse and skirt, neutral background.Spring Antiquity Blouse - Image 2
Spring Antiquity Blouse Sale priceINR. 11,800.00
Woman wearing a white floral embroidered midi skirt with white block heels.Spring Antiquity Skirt - Image 2
Spring Antiquity Skirt Sale priceINR. 12,800.00
Woman in white flower-embroidered outfit and scarf against plain background.Spring Antiquity Scarf - Image 2
Spring Antiquity Scarf Sale priceINR. 7,500.00
Woman wearing a floral embroidered beige blouse with lace trimLife In Moments Blouse - Image 2
Life in Moments Blouse Sale priceINR. 12,800.00
Woman wearing floral white dress with loose sleeves, posing indoors.Blossom Of Hope Short Dress - Image 2
Blossom of Hope Short Dress Sale priceINR. 15,900.00
Woman in vintage-style floral pink dress standing on pastel background.Donna Smock Dress - Image 2
Donna Smock Dress Sale priceINR. 15,400.00
Woman wearing a floral dress and sunhat in neutral background.Another Day Short Dress - Image 2
Another Day Short Dress Sale priceINR. 11,000.00
Woman wearing a light floral dress stands against a neutral background.Dear Misca Short Dress - Image 2
Dear Misca Short Dress Sale priceINR. 11,800.00
Woman wearing a light pink floral dress with bell sleeves.Cordelia Peach Dress - Image 2
Cordelia Peach Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
Woman wearing a white checkered dress standing against a pastel background.Oracle Short Dress - Image 2
Oracle Short Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Woman wearing white sleeveless dress with floral embroidery pattern.Homeland Sun Dress - Image 2
Homeland Sun Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Woman in a pink floral dress posing against a muted background.Primavera Midi Dress - Image 2
Primavera Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 13,700.00
Woman in elegant pink floral dress with sheer sleeves.Teaberry Organza Dress - Image 2
Teaberry Organza Dress Sale priceINR. 16,500.00
Woman wearing a floral long-sleeve pink dress posing indoors.Paloma Ruched Dress - Image 2
Paloma Ruched Dress Sale priceINR. 16,600.00
Woman in floral embroidered top and scarf, beige background.Inspiring Notes Scarf - Image 2
Inspiring Notes Scarf Sale priceINR. 4,600.00
Woman in embroidered blouse and floral bucket hat.Dear Misca Hat - Image 2
Dear Misca Hat Sale priceINR. 3,500.00

Embark on a journey with us,

To a realm of self-discovery

To a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility

To a space imbued with true purpose

To a place we fondly call home 

From intricate, embroidered florals to delicate hand block prints; from soft natural fabrics to luxurious silks; our new arrivals embody quiet beauty and refined simplicity. Drawing inspiration from the whimsical romance of hand-painted florals adorning vintage heirlooms and tableware, our spring collection evokes a sense of nostalgia, celebrating craftsmanship rooted in vintage aesthetics.

Inspired by the joy of spring blossoms, our meticulously crafted designs feature hand block prints on luxurious fabrics. Reimagined silhouettes are adorned with quilting, embroidery, cutwork, and beading, adding texture to our lightweight silks and cottons, skilfully handmade by artisans across India.