May Lily Bloom DressMay Lily Bloom Dress

May Lily Bloom Dress

INR. 15,800.00
Wineberry Midi DressWineberry Midi Dress

Wineberry Midi Dress

INR. 14,600.00
Lovelace Midi DressLovelace Midi Dress

Lovelace Midi Dress

INR. 15,800.00
Melange DressMelange Dress

Melange Dress

INR. 13,800.00
Sunglow Wrap DressSunglow Wrap Dress

Sunglow Wrap Dress

INR. 16,400.00
Leah Maxi DressLeah Maxi Dress

Leah Maxi Dress

INR. 16,000.00
Plum Smock DressPlum Smock Dress

Plum Smock Dress

INR. 14,200.00
True Friends DressTrue Friends Dress

True Friends Dress

INR. 13,600.00
Sea Wrap DressSea Wrap Dress

Sea Wrap Dress

INR. 15,400.00
Maia Butterfly DressMaia Butterfly Dress

Maia Butterfly Dress

INR. 17,600.00
Lilac Marble DressLilac Marble Dress

Lilac Marble Dress

INR. 16,200.00
Windmill Tier DressWindmill Tier Dress

Windmill Tier Dress

INR. 13,800.00
Springdale Midi DressSpringdale Midi Dress

Springdale Midi Dress

INR. 14,600.00
Lotus Blossom BlouseLotus Blossom Blouse

Lotus Blossom Blouse

INR. 8,800.00
Languid Dreams DressLanguid Dreams Dress

Languid Dreams Dress

INR. 14,800.00

A kindred spirit is someone who mirrors your thoughts and soul. They make your heart sing with joy, understand you through unspoken gestures and make the world feel like a magical place. Whether it’s a friend or your sister or a complete stranger you chance upon, your kindred spirit makes you cherish the everyday.

Celebrating the joy and contentment of finding your kindred spirit inspires our Spring Summer 2023. Our collection is about beauty, connection, comfort and feel-good prints that act like a love letter to spring, ranging from mottled florals to sunset hues. Indulge in a monochromatic pastoral vibe and unadulterated romanticism of our free flowing dresses.

Exotic and mythical flowers like aquatic water lilies, lotuses, hibiscus and other tropical plants inject joy and a playful mood to our innovative block prints, embroideries and floral appliqués. The silhouettes are feminine, delicate and free flowing perfect for buoyant spring days. Innovation in block printing techniques is done to create stripes, mottled backgrounds and engineered placement printing on a soothing pastel palette. Painterly organza prints, cottage-core gingham checks and foliage blooms on chanderi fabrics are layered with pretty slip dresses and delicate hand embroidered details.

The secret garden of Buna blooms with nostalgia and the joy of finding your kindred spirit. Escape to the world of dreamy sunset hues and floral prints with the one that makes the world feel like a magical place.

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