Our Textiles & Crafts


Khadi is a hand spun, hand woven cotton textile of India with a rich history spanning centuries. It is a versatile, eco friendly fabric with zero carbon foot print. It played a central role in the Indian independence movement, and became a symbol of self reliance.

We at Buna love Khadi, because it reminds us of home and lends our clothes a certain charm and authentic character. Its irregularities and imperfections contain the testimony of its handcrafted origin.

We use high quality, natural raw materials and organic processes to create soft, breathable khadi fabrics. These are then made into fluid, relaxed and contemporary shapes.


Jamdani is a form of loom embroidery with intricate, opaque motifs woven over a fine muslin base. Muslin is hand woven from very fine, high-count yarns with a very soft and tender touch. The process involves skillfully fashioning and interlacing geometric motifs on the weave of the muslin fabric without any loom attachments. 

Singular in their exquisiteness and beauty, Jamdani fabrics are acutely labor and time-intensive. A craftsman may take months to weave a small quantity of the refined cloth. Traditionally, Jamdani was woven for the royal court and aristocracy in India and for this very reason the culture of stringent attention to detail and meticulous finesse in its making has persisted.

Revered by aesthetes and lovers of handicrafts, the rare art of Jamdani has been declared by UNESCO as one of humanity’s most significant achievements in cultural heritage.

At Buna, we have contemporized the art of Jamdani by creating our own motifs and consequently textiles. Our aim is to keep things minimal and subtly luxurious.


A historic and ethnic textile of India, Chanderi is known for its lightweight, translucent texture and sumptuous feel. It is created by interweaving silk yarn and Zari inlay with fine cotton yarn; and the outcome is a rich texture of sheer delicacy and subtle sheen. Our Chanderi is an all natural textile, printed by a slow process of hand block printing by artisans from Rajasthan, India.


The art of Hand Block Printing involves carving designs into wooden blocks by hand and then dipping them in dye and hand printing the designs on the fabric. Painstaking attention to detail goes into the process to achieve harmonious colors and consistent results.

At Buna, we have contemporized the art by creating new illustrations, reproducing them skillfully on small wooden block prints and converting them to pigment in translucent shades to lend the final impressions a watercolor effect.