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Pasture Dress - BunaStudioPasture Dress - BunaStudio
Pasture Dress Sale priceINR. 12,800.00
Bloom Gathered Dress - BunaStudioBloom Gathered Dress - BunaStudio
Bloom Gathered Dress Sale priceINR. 13,500.00
Picnic At The Park Dress - BunaStudioPicnic At The Park Dress - BunaStudio
Picnic At The Park Dress Sale priceINR. 13,500.00
Soho Tier Dress - BunaStudioSoho Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Soho Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Hibiscus Bouquet DressHibiscus Bouquet Dress
Hibiscus Bouquet Dress Sale priceINR. 13,900.00
Rapture Dress - BunaStudioRapture Dress - BunaStudio
Rapture Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
Lilac Jardin Dress - BunaStudioLilac Jardin Dress - BunaStudio
Lilac Jardin Dress Sale priceINR. 13,900.00
Tara Dress - BunaStudioTara Dress - BunaStudio
Tara Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Goldcrest Wrap DressGoldcrest Wrap Dress
Goldcrest Wrap Dress Sale priceINR. 15,800.00
Botanical Tier DressBotanical Tier Dress
Botanical Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Storyteller Shirred DressStoryteller Shirred Dress
Storyteller Shirred Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Coral Reef Smock DressCoral Reef Smock Dress
Coral Reef Smock Dress Sale priceINR. 13,900.00
Marina Dress - BunaStudioMarina Dress - BunaStudio
Marina Dress Sale priceINR. 12,800.00
Sunglow Wrap DressSunglow Wrap Dress
Sunglow Wrap Dress Sale priceINR. 16,400.00
Daffodil Bow Dress - BunaStudioDaffodil Bow Dress - BunaStudio
Daffodil Bow Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Voyager DressVoyager Dress
Voyager Dress Sale priceINR. 13,900.00
Meadow Midi DressMeadow Midi Dress
Meadow Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 10,600.00
Copper Gold Midi DressCopper Gold Midi Dress
Copper Gold Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
Oldpine Tier Dress - BunaStudioOldpine Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Oldpine Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Paper Flower Maxi - BunaStudioPaper Flower Maxi - BunaStudio
Paper Flower Maxi Sale priceINR. 17,200.00
Bucolic Countryside DressBucolic Countryside Dress
Bucolic Countryside Dress Sale priceINR. 15,400.00
Forest Short Kaftan - BunaStudioForest Short Kaftan - BunaStudio
Forest Short Kaftan Sale priceINR. 9,400.00
Willow Tier Dress - BunaStudioWillow Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Willow Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
Little Findings Tier Dress - BunaStudioLittle Findings Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Little Findings Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,400.00
Harmony Azure DressHarmony Azure Dress
Harmony Azure Dress Sale priceINR. 16,000.00
Ripple Float Tier Dress - BunaStudioRipple Float Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Ripple Float Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 13,500.00
Wellspring Pleat DressWellspring Pleat Dress
Wellspring Pleat Dress Sale priceINR. 15,600.00
Woven Pearl DressWoven Pearl Dress
Woven Pearl Dress Sale priceINR. 15,600.00
Intimate Gatherings Angarakha Maxi - BunaStudioIntimate Gatherings Angarakha Maxi - BunaStudio
Intimate Gatherings Angarakha Maxi Sale priceINR. 15,600.00
Lovelace Midi DressLovelace Midi Dress
Lovelace Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 15,800.00
Fume of Poppies DressFume of Poppies Dress
Fume of Poppies Dress Sale priceINR. 13,700.00
Carolina Ruffle Dress - BunaStudioCarolina Ruffle Dress - BunaStudio
Carolina Ruffle Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
Amberlight Maxi DressAmberlight Maxi Dress
Amberlight Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 15,800.00
Nature Layer Kaftan - BunaStudioNature Layer Kaftan - BunaStudio
Nature Layer Kaftan Sale priceINR. 13,500.00
Juliet Peach DressJuliet Peach Dress
Juliet Peach Dress Sale priceINR. 16,800.00
At The Gallery Dress - BunaStudioAt The Gallery Dress - BunaStudio
At The Gallery Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Lovelorn Angarakha Maxi DressLovelorn Angarakha Maxi Dress
Lovelorn Angarakha Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 14,900.00
Nightfall Glimmer Dress - BunaStudioNightfall Glimmer Dress - BunaStudio
Nightfall Glimmer Dress Sale priceINR. 14,100.00
Indigo Pigments Scallop DressIndigo Pigments Scallop Dress
Indigo Pigments Scallop Dress Sale priceINR. 15,500.00
Crystal Pink Maxi DressCrystal Pink Maxi Dress
Crystal Pink Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 18,800.00
Desert Trail Whirling DressDesert Trail Whirling Dress
Desert Trail Whirling Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Cantaloupe Patchwork DressCantaloupe Patchwork Dress
Cantaloupe Patchwork Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Poets and Poems Dress - BunaStudioPoets and Poems Dress - BunaStudio
Poets and Poems Dress Sale priceINR. 15,800.00
Rosefinch Tier DressRosefinch Tier Dress
Rosefinch Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 15,900.00
Kindred Pleat DressKindred Pleat Dress
Kindred Pleat Dress Sale priceINR. 15,600.00
Natura Tier DressNatura Tier Dress
Natura Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Rolling Hills DressRolling Hills Dress
Rolling Hills Dress Sale priceINR. 15,400.00
Plum Smock DressPlum Smock Dress
Plum Smock Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00

A historic and ethnic textile of India, Chanderi is known for its lightweight, translucent texture and sumptuous feel. It is created by interweaving silk yarn and Zari inlay with fine cotton yarn; and the outcome is a rich texture of sheer delicacy and subtle sheen. Our Chanderi is an all natural textile, printed by a slow process of hand block printing by artisans from Rajasthan, India.