Midori is a Japanese term that expresses the longing for greenery and nature; it refers to the little details of plant life such as the colour of shoots, the scent of young leaves, or the touch of a daisy. Staying true to Buna’s perennial theme of ‘bringing nature back into our lives’, this festive offering urges us to brings the fresh greens into our homes, to cherish the abundance of its bounties as we open our arms and homes to our loved ones.

Midori dwells in the little details and lets each stitch and fold revel in festivity. The collection is filled with calming and serene hues of sage, twine and cream. The silhouettes are timeless and elegant curated in a medley of fabrics like silver inlay tissue, silk organza hand block printed with painterly roses and vines and handloom cotton jamdani interwoven with silver heart motifs. Fine details like dori embroidery embellished with pearls, scallop lace edgings, hand smocking, fabric covered buttons, beaded tassels add merry charm to these carefree festive dresses. We at Buna, wish to keep the story fresh and radiant and the understated olives and ecrus achieve it with minimalism and delicacy.

It is time to take out that fresh cutlery you recently bought, adorn the tables with pearl white sheets, decorate the candles and flowers and slip into your most exquisite and graceful festive ensembles. For starters, we want you to celebrate yourself and take a deep dive into the warmth and positivity of the changing season. Autumn brings with it a cabinet full of festivals and celebrations and a definitive reason to partake once again in the sparkle and glitter of your old and new festive dresses. Our clothes live through us and are as much part of our festivities. Buna celebrates these little things – and inspires you to enjoy the warm afternoons, small gatherings and laidback times amidst nature.

Relish the new season in these elegant and charming festive dresses or enjoy the approaching autumn in them with the softening sun and bright yellow hues in the sky. Wear them over an afternoon gala or laze in them over a siesta. These pieces will be your ardent companions through the changing season making you feel at ease, at home and snug as in your second skin.

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