Our collection Earth Song is inspired from nature, old cinema, poetry and art. It centers on nostalgia, old world charm and comfort. The collection mirrors nature as a great healer. This ode to nature and art is reflected in our earthy handloom fabrics, heritage embroideries and home spun details. 

We bring in this winter with a collection featuring unique hand crafted works from across the country, as well as fabrics known for their exquisite quality and endurance. Each piece is hand-woven with the finest materials including herringbone cottons, cotton silks, silks and Merino wool, each encouraging both warmth and breathability. The silhouettes bring a sequence of sophisticated and tasteful styles and transcends seasons and time. 

The handloom textures are adorned with kantha stitches and hand embroideries. The traditional handwork of Sozni embroidery from Kashmir, hand block printing and artisanal techniques of pleating, smocking are adapted to these modern heirlooms. Each piece has passed through the hands of various artisan communities we collaborate and create art with. The purest cotton, and Marino wools have been hand loomed by the artisans of West Bengal. 

These art pieces are one of a kind; no two pieces replicate the other. Each are unique and stand independently as works of art. They live in a handloom process. The earthy tones in these functional pieces depict Indian heritage, community and craft. We wish you to savor the experience of wearing a Buna garment. Every stitch and detail is a result of an artistic marvel, of a handmade bespoke process. With the design aesthetic driven by longevity, comfort, and craftsmanship, we seek to give you a piece and experience where contemporary meets heritage.   

The collection displays a versatile palette that reflects shadowed tones of winter nights and the warm hues of winter sun. Well suited for cozy evenings across the bonfire, sunny morning brunches in the garden and afternoon picnics against the grass. One can also reimagine these garments through the theme of old French cinema, remembering cinematic shots of black and white, rainy days in the cobbled streets of Paris in black trench coats, straight fit jackets and overlays, styled with box pleated maxi skirts and palazzos or bright days in lush vineyards, long fields of fresh blooms with flowy dresses of pink and blue. Each outfit completing, each dreamscape. With this collection we reminisce over the nostalgic sentiment that is brought to us by the vintage charm of jazz music, poetry, cinema and old stories. 

We embrace these pieces with Louise Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’ and John Keats’s ‘Autumn’ in our minds. We seek our audience to explore the various themes these works inspire and celebrate the notions of Indian heritage, nostalgia, and everyday life as an art practice along with us.

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