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Tasha's Garden

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Tara Dress - BunaStudioTara Dress - BunaStudio
Tara Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Lilac Jardin Dress - BunaStudioLilac Jardin Dress - BunaStudio
Lilac Jardin Dress Sale priceINR. 13,900.00
Picnic At The Park Dress - BunaStudioPicnic At The Park Dress - BunaStudio
Picnic At The Park Dress Sale priceINR. 13,500.00
All My Days Maxi Dress - BunaStudioAll My Days Maxi Dress - BunaStudio
All My Days Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 17,500.00
Soho Tier Dress - BunaStudioSoho Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Soho Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Little Findings Tier Dress - BunaStudioLittle Findings Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Little Findings Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 14,400.00
Savannah Dress - BunaStudioSavannah Dress - BunaStudio
Savannah Dress Sale priceINR. 15,800.00
Lucy’s Picnic Dress - BunaStudioLucy’s Picnic Dress - BunaStudio
Lucy’s Picnic Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Sesame Blossoms Bow Dress - BunaStudioSesame Blossoms Bow Dress - BunaStudio
Sesame Blossoms Bow Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Lavender Lane Smock Dress - BunaStudioLavender Lane Smock Dress - BunaStudio
Lavender Lane Smock Dress Sale priceINR. 13,500.00
Carolina Ruffle Dress - BunaStudioCarolina Ruffle Dress - BunaStudio
Carolina Ruffle Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
Laguna Ruffle Dress - BunaStudioLaguna Ruffle Dress - BunaStudio
Laguna Ruffle Dress Sale priceINR. 14,500.00
Marina Dress - BunaStudioMarina Dress - BunaStudio
Marina Dress Sale priceINR. 12,800.00
Lovelorn Ruffle Midi Dress - BunaStudioLovelorn Ruffle Midi Dress - BunaStudio
Lovelorn Ruffle Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Sunset At Boca Maxi Dress - BunaStudioSunset At Boca Maxi Dress - BunaStudio
Sunset At Boca Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 15,900.00
Lemon Country Dress - BunaStudioLemon Country Dress - BunaStudio
Lemon Country Dress Sale priceINR. 13,600.00
Emily Dress - BunaStudioEmily Dress - BunaStudio
Emily Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Roselle Maxi Dress - BunaStudioRoselle Maxi Dress - BunaStudio
Roselle Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 13,600.00
Monet’s Garden Dress - BunaStudioMonet’s Garden Dress - BunaStudio
Monet’s Garden Dress Sale priceINR. 13,600.00
Laguna Co-ord Set - BunaStudioLaguna Co-ord Set - BunaStudio
Laguna Co-ord Set Sale priceINR. 16,000.00
Valley Of Flowers Kaftan Dress - BunaStudioValley Of Flowers Kaftan Dress - BunaStudio
Valley Of Flowers Kaftan Dress Sale priceINR. 16,000.00
Sunbeam Smock Midi Dress - BunaStudioSunbeam Smock Midi Dress - BunaStudio
Sunbeam Smock Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Days of Languor Maxi Dress - BunaStudioDays of Languor Maxi Dress - BunaStudio
Days of Languor Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 15,400.00
Garden of Elsewhere Maxi Dress - BunaStudioGarden of Elsewhere Maxi Dress - BunaStudio
Garden of Elsewhere Maxi Dress Sale priceINR. 17,200.00
Bursting Meadows Tier Dress - BunaStudioBursting Meadows Tier Dress - BunaStudio
Bursting Meadows Tier Dress Sale priceINR. 16,200.00
Spring Days Midi Dress - BunaStudioSpring Days Midi Dress - BunaStudio
Spring Days Midi Dress Sale priceINR. 15,400.00
Siringo Smock Dress - BunaStudioSiringo Smock Dress - BunaStudio
Siringo Smock Dress Sale priceINR. 14,200.00
Wind In The Prairie Dress - BunaStudioWind In The Prairie Dress - BunaStudio
Wind In The Prairie Dress Sale priceINR. 15,100.00
Nora Lace Tunic - BunaStudioNora Lace Tunic - BunaStudio
Nora Lace Tunic Sale priceINR. 13,500.00
Maya’s Garden Dress - BunaStudioMaya’s Garden Dress - BunaStudio
Maya’s Garden Dress Sale priceINR. 12,800.00
Garland Bow Sundress - BunaStudioGarland Bow Sundress - BunaStudio
Garland Bow Sundress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
The Good Life Dress - BunaStudioThe Good Life Dress - BunaStudio
The Good Life Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
Summer Dandelions Dress - BunaStudioSummer Dandelions Dress - BunaStudio
Summer Dandelions Dress Sale priceINR. 13,800.00
June Slip Dress - BunaStudioJune Slip Dress - BunaStudio
June Slip Dress Sale priceINR. 8,500.00
Field Day Dress - BunaStudioField Day Dress - BunaStudio
Field Day Dress Sale priceINR. 14,800.00
Garland Scallop Pants - BunaStudioGarland Scallop Pants - BunaStudio
Garland Scallop Pants Sale priceINR. 6,600.00
Bay Tree Scarf - BunaStudioBay Tree Scarf - BunaStudio
Bay Tree Scarf Sale priceINR. 6,400.00
Trailing Buds Top - BunaStudioTrailing Buds Top - BunaStudio
Trailing Buds Top Sale priceINR. 8,400.00

Locked in our urban sanctuaries for a good part of last year, we have come to realize how beautiful and exhilarating the great outdoors are! Imagine a simple picnic in the park; an afternoon siesta spent lazing on the grass, the sun soaking the body, the fragrance of jasmine teasing the nostrils and thoughts drifting and floating in languor! As the new season arrives, we encourage you to indulge in one’s own sweet time and wish that the vacant hours be filled with essence and ‘suchness’ in our versatile floral print dresses! As the soft handcrafted pieces subtly caress your skin as if it were the wind, so descends a vision so everyday and yet so idyllic when you can’t help saying – ‘This is it!’

Our Spring 2021 collection is an ode to spring blossoms and bucolic living. It is inspired by children’s book illustrator and master gardener, Tasha Tudor, who also had a fondness for living her everyday life as it were in a bygone century. Her sprawling garden was a spirited display of spontaneity, abundance and an extraordinary love for flowers, fruits and plants bursting amidst the pastures. Tasha’s Garden embodies the essence of alfresco, threaded thoughtfully into each piece to harmonize into flowy summer dresses to give you an effortless and elegant look. The airy, flowy ankle-grazing All My Days Maxi Dress is perfect for a summery picnic day to relish the wonders of Mother Nature and truly savour it, just like Tasha!

These floaty, dreamy and whimsical pieces pay homage to nature and burst with wildflowers, meadows and flowering shrubs. They are carefully handblock printed on natural handloom fabrics like cottons, chanderis and cotton silks. The glorious pastures and overflowing meadows of Tasha’s Garden are carefully converted from our in-house illustrations to myriad blocks of up to eighteen colors and skillfully crafted into handblock floral print dresses. The spring floral prints reflect the sun and the abundant grazing flora in nature bursting into a kaleidoscope of joy! 

The hand embroidered hems inspired by trails of spring flowers add fun to our daytime summer dresses, falling freely and bubbling with teaseful volumes. The collection showcases a beautiful collage of prairie flora hand printed in vibrant colors and romanticizing the valleys in the depths of Dame Nature! The floral print dresses are a beautiful medley of sheer and opaque textiles with ditzy details such as the hand embroidered French knots subtly flirting with the fabrics. The modern and relaxed silhouettes fall gracefully over the shoulders with vintage elements for a nostalgic vibe.

Tasha’s Garden is a celebration of Indian craftsmanship and artistry. Each piece has a story to tell and hidden in its delicate folds are tales of the meticulous craft of handloom weaving, the dramatic genius of hand block printing and the painstaking finesse of hand embroidery. It comes in playful shades of beige, ivory, lavender, blue and yellow! Swirling shapes, hand pleating, bow ties, vintage inspired lace, French knots, sequins and threadwork lend it a poetic and dainty quality.

When you don pieces from Tasha’s Garden, we aspire to teleport you to a balmy hill on a breezy afternoon as the lightweight fabrics brush against your skin and the flowy silhouettes make you feel light as a sparrow. Pick the Handwoven Bay Tree Scarf with delicate lace or the Laguna Co-Ord with graceful smocking details for an elevated brunch look. Ideal to step out yet again is the soft-hued Siringo Smock Dress that is roomy enough for a sunny day, yet fitted just right for a snug and flattering look.

Browse through our timeless collection of maxi dresses that are wardrobe staples for an adventuresome weekend with your loved ones to blow off some steam or just simply to run some errands in the neighbourhood. Reach for one of our more playful pieces like the Garland Bow Sundress for a casual day out with your girlfriends. It features easy tie-up shoulder straps and cascading floral hanging strings, which can be bow tied in multiple ways for you to explore.

Feel bubbly and free in our Soho Tier Dress or dainty and feminine in the Lilac Jardin Dress. The versatile Picnic at the Park Dress is as dressy as it is casual and the Tara Dress is a snug and vibrant companion for everyday outdoor errands.

At Buna, we strive to bring to life the value of natural fibre, expressing their intrinsic qualities as they are woven into airy fabrics. We encourage you to embrace the slight imperfections in these fabrics that signify the dexterity of the artisans interwoven with fondness and affection, made one at a time and uniquely yours to cherish forever.