Tasha's Garden

Locked in our urban sanctuaries for a good part of last year, we have come to realize how beautiful and exhilarating the great outdoors are! Imagine a simple picnic in the park; an afternoon siesta spent lazing on the grass, the sun soaking the body, the fragrance of jasmine teasing the nostrils and thoughts drifting and floating in languor! As the new season arrives, we encourage you to indulge in one’s own sweet time and wish that the vacant hours be filled with essence and ‘suchness’! A vision so everyday and yet so idyllic when you can’t help saying – ‘This is it!’

Our Spring 2021 collection is an ode to spring blossoms and bucolic living. It is inspired by children’s book illustrator and master gardener, Tasha Tudor, who also had a fondness for living her everyday life as it were in a bygone century. Her sprawling garden was a spirited display of spontaneity, abundance and an extraordinary love for flowers, fruits and plants bursting amidst the pastures.

Our floaty, dreamy and whimsical pieces pay homage to nature and burst with wildflowers, meadows and flowering shrubs. They are carefully handblock printed on natural handloom fabrics like cottons, chanderis and cotton silks. The glorious pastures and overflowing meadows of Tasha’s garden are carefully converted from our in-house illustrations to myriad blocks of up to 18 colors. The spring floral prints reflect the sun and the abundant flora in nature bursting into a kaleidoscope of joy!

This collection is a celebration of Indian craftsmanship and artistry. Each piece has a story to tell and hidden in its delicate folds are tales of the meticulous craft of handloom weaving, the dramatic genius of hand block printing and the painstaking finesse of hand embroidery. It comes in vibrant and playful shades of beige, ivory, lavender, blue and yellow! Swirling shapes, hand pleating, bow ties, vintage inspired lace, French knots, sequins and threadwork lend it a poetic and dainty quality.