Experience the lightness of being wearing our latest fall/festive edit. The collection is made for the poets and wanderers on a soulful journey to rediscover themselves through nature. The collection exudes timeless femininity with underlines of thoughtful simplicity.

These light as air garments are like a gentle breeze made in raw and unbleached handwoven cottons, chanderi cotton silks, handwoven linens, merino wool adorned with ditzy floral prints, vintage inspired chintz, quilting, hand smocking, romantic lace and intricate applique embroideries. The collection evokes a sense of breathability, lightness and airiness that it wants its wearers to be part of. To be overcome by a feeling of warmth and tranquility like one feels by the smell of wet earth, the touch of sticky leaves and the sound of the waves. To feel as free as the seagulls that soar in the sky. To be overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia, of home, as evoked by an old unforgotten melody. The floral  handblock prints are delicate, sometimes strewn in close proximity and sometimes spread out in a non-directional layout. The flower and vine prints are sublime giving out an airy impression.

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