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A Touch of Midori

A Touch of Midori

As the autumn air turns crisp
And the evenings are filled with celebrations
Bring out your much-loved silverware
Adorn the tables with pearl white sheets
And slip into your festive favorites with Buna

Midori expresses the longing for greenery, and nature; a reminder of the how the fresh grass feels on barefoot, the scent of young leaves, the touch of a dainty daisy, the freshness of morning dew. Staying true to Buna’s perennial theme of ‘bringing nature back into our lives’, Midori urges us to bring the fresh greens into our homes, as we open our arms and homes to our loved ones with a new-found feeling of belongingness.

What could be more ‘Midori’ that indulging in festivities with calming and serene hues of sage, twine and cream tailored into timeless silhouettes that bring Midori into your life and festivities. A medley of gossamer fabrics like silver tissue, block-printed silk organza, and handloom cotton jamdani interwoven with silver heart motifs, are detailed with pearl embroidery, scallop lace edgings, hand smocking, and beaded tassels - feel like a treat to the eyes and the wearer.

This season, celebrate yourself and take a deep dive into the warmth and positivity of the changing season with a more meaningful and mindful bend to your celebrations, bringing a touch of Midori into your homes. The festive season comes in as not only a reminder of good times but also as a signal for welcoming the new - new-found meaning, new-formed relationships, and new ways of living a more fulfilling life.

A Touch of Midori

Bring the greens from your garden to your table
As you adorn the tables with pearl white sheets, your well-preserved silverware passed on to you by your mother, and the warm glow of candles - add to your decor with a touch of green from the garden. Whether it is the fruits that have fallen off the trees as a sign of the changing season, or the ferns and wild flowers that grow in the corner of your garden, bring freshness to your table with a touch of the green thumb.

A Touch of Midori

Prepare a meal, sourcing your local greens
Nothing spells love more than a wholesome, home-cooked meal as you share stories across the table from your friends and family. And what better way to celebrate than by bringing the fruits of your local farms to your table. Take a trip to the local market and source your greens for a table that is not just full of love and laughter, but is also a table that gives back.

Aestheticise your indoor environment with greens
Bring the outdoors indoors by adding plants and greens to your modern and contemporary interiors. Not only does this bring mental and physical well being to your homes, but also brings you closer to nature at times when we are stuck within our four walls. Fill your bedrooms, living room, kitchens, and every room in your home with various indoor plants. Embrace the beauty, freshness, and therapeutic energy that plants endure in your everyday life

Derive inspiration from sustainable cultural practices
Across multiple cultures, people efficiently use leaves as an alternative to numerous non-organic products. For example, in India, serving food on leaf dining plates is a long-standing tradition with its own cultural, religious, medicinal, and socioeconomic significance, and what more, it also brings a freshness to your festive table setting. The leaves are mostly hand-picked from a vast variety of plants and are used as dining plates, food wraps during steam cooking, grilling and frying of various dishes adding an additional layer of flavour to the food. This sustainable practice offers many advantages such as renewability, biodegradability, non-toxicity, and antioxidant abundance. Seeking inspiration from such practices brings a new-found meaning of freshness while giving back to the environment.

A Touch of Midori

Reinvent your look with our perennial classics
Something borrowed, something new, is our key to festive dressing. Bring out your much-loved favourites and pair with a touch of Buna for layers that fill you with warmth and joy. From easy tunics paired with pants and a stole to light, sheer layers, the festive season fills us with the familiar excitement of cheer.

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