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Article: Kindred Spirits: Mamta and Vidhi

Kindred Spirits: Mamta and Vidhi

Kindred Spirits: Mamta and Vidhi

Distinct as individuals but always better together, presenting Zariin Jewelry’s powerhouse duo – Vidhi and Mamta Gupta as they discuss sisterhood, sustaining a global brand, and nuances of life with Buna Studio. 

1. Please introduce yourselves to our readers. Tell us a little bit about Zariin. 
[Mamta]: We are Mamta and Vidhi – sisters and founders of Zariin Jewelry, a modern Indian jewellery brand that speaks to the global woman while being rooted in Indian crafts. We both relocated to India from the United States after our respective stints of higher education, working and assimilating the nuances of branding and marketing in the North American market. Zariin was founded in 2010, in our home city Delhi as a response to the realization that there’s an inadequate representation of Indian jewellery with a distinct perspective in the Western markets, that’s both high in style and rich in stories. That’s how our journey began!

We launched Zariin in the US and within a few months we were retailing out of stores like Anthropologie, Revolve, and Henri Bendel, New York. We’re in our 13th lap and are happy to share that we are selling out of 21 countries worldwide, through over 200 stores.  

Vidhi is wearing True Friends Dress

Vidhi is wearing True Friends Dress

2. How would you define your relationship? Would you consider yourselves each other’s kindred spirit? 
[Mamta]: Foundationally, we are very different people. While Vidhi is a meticulous planner, I am spontaneous and free-spirited. I look at patterns, make connections, and conjure ideas (sometimes wild and seemingly unattainable). While Vidhi is the do-er and the one who puts ideas into action. But despite these differences, we are very united in our beliefs, core values, and the way we look at our shared baby Zariin.  

There’s great understanding between each other and regard for respective responsibilities and life outside of work too! We travel for work a few times a year and that always creates the best memories for posterity, as sisters and as business partners.  

Mamta is wearing Peach Duet SareeMamta is wearing Peach Duet Saree

3. Tell us what’s it like to be in business with your sister. How have you channeled your combined vision to build Zariin into the successful brand it is today?  
[Mamta]: It couldn’t have been better! Vidhi is the Creative Director, and I am the Marketing and Global Business Head. We both bring our unique strengths to the table and complement each other in indispensable ways – it’s a team made in heaven! Building a brand together means being aligned about several strategic points and it starts with the mission. We defined Zariin’s and our mission as its leaders to spread and amplify joy in the community and that’s been our lightpost throughout this journey. Each new collection and each piece of communication is weighed in on to make sure we are always in sync with our set mission. It is instinctive in our decisions now.  

Working as sisters-cum-partners, sometimes the line between work and personal life is blurry, but we have made peace with that! There’s immense trust in each others’ judgment and decision-making super democratic – no sister has veto powers! We’re both hard-wired to be entrepreneurs, willing to take risks and get on new adventures. We are both growth-driven, and neither of us tends to get too complacent.   

Kindred Spirits: Mamta and Vidhi4. How did combining Indian techniques and artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics at Zariin come about? How important is it for you to remain ethical as a brand as you navigate a highly competitive market space? 
[Mamta]: 13 years back, the jewellery landscape in India was entirely different from where it is today! It was very polarized between fine jewellery and low-quality fashion jewellery. The mid-market bridge jewellery that is high on quality and also aesthetics was completely missing in the scene. In that sense, we pioneered and introduced a whole new category. We wanted to build on the Indian handcrafted heritage but in a language that appeals to the global woman. Wearability was the key! That’s how we married contemporary aesthetics with high-quality, artisanal Indian savoir-faire. It brings us immense joy and pride to see our “Made in India” label glimmering on our jewels, displayed on shelves of giants like Saks 5th Avenue in Dubai, Anthropologie in New York, and so on.  

‘Ethical’ is more than a buzzword at  Zariin – what you are promised is what you get. Our team is committed to holding the highest standards of service. We offer a lifetime warranty on gold, which means any customer can bring their Zariin jewel to us to get replated, no questions asked. That’s also our contribution towards sustainability and ensuring that our jewellery is cherished for years and even handed down as heirlooms.  

5. What’s fashion to you? Your thoughts on personal style. 
[Vidhi]: Fashion means different things to me on different days but a constant element in all of my sartorial choices is comfort. I do not believe in following trends and what I wear represents me as a person which keeps largely depends on my mood. 

[Mamta]: My decision-making starts with choosing my jewelry and I build my outfit around that. My personal style is minimal and timeless. I gravitate towards classic combinations like a skirt and a blouse when I want to dress up, an oversized shirt and leggings on a ‘can’t be bothered day’, or a crisp white shirt and denim for an easy day. 

6. What do you like about the Buna garments you are wearing? 
[Mamta]: Buna is the perfect blend of luxe and comfort. I love their fabrics, the delicate detailing, whether the lace on the sleeves or the floral embroidery. Your saris are such pick-me-up statements for a hot summer day.  

For our shoot, Mamta chose a sari and I a dress and we felt completely in our skin. 

7. Last but not least, what about Buna Studio do you like the most, and how do you relate to the brand? 
What I love about the brand is how anyone can wear a Buna piece and make it their own. It allows a person to make their own statement with so much ease and elegance. We don’t like it when our clothes overshadow our personality so Buna ticks all our sartorial boxes. 

Journal curated by Gariyashi Bhuyan
Photography by Suraj Nongmaithem

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