Rediscovering the old world charm

Once Upon A Time

"There is a beautiful thing inside you
that is thousands of years old.
Too old to be captured in poems.
Too old to be loved by everyone
But loved so very deeply
by a chosen few."
- Nikita Gill

Once upon a time, a girl lived in a cottage on the Prairie and in the summertime her father would sing folk songs on arrival of the first summer harvest. Her mother would organize a tea party and bring out her favorite embroidered table cloths, chinaware and dress her up in a handmade smock dress with little flowers embroidered on the collar and hem, braiding her hair with the softest ribbons. They would spend the day, lazing around in the glow of the sun, humming soft tunes, crafting little napkins and tea cozies. And that is how life was in the countryside, every single day.

Once Upon A Time

In the past year, as more and more people have retreated indoors, their homes have become their sanctuaries. This change in the atmosphere gave resurgence to the ‘cottagecore’ movement. ‘Cottagecore’ is a movement that finds grounds in moving back to rural life, skills and crafts. As a concept, it embraces a simple, sustainable and more wholesome way of living that is closely connected with nature. Cottagecore in the 21st century has been visualized through activities such as plant based home cooking, holistic and organic kitchen gardens and clean, sustainable fashion, often thrifted or repurposed. This movement is a response to the break-neck and fast-paced life that suddenly came to a halt with the global lockdowns and everyone retreating into their home spaces. With ample time on our hands, we learnt to appreciate the old-fashioned life that holds a certain charm and beauty, a reminder of simpler, joyous times. It has also helped us connect to nature and ourselves.

Once Upon A Time

Our new collection is an ode to this simplistic life, away from the chaos and closer to nature. We bring you clothing that is a celebration of olden times with slow days at hand to craft things and collect memorabilia. The meticulously crafted garments with a homespun, folkloric feel, invoke sweet nostalgia and refreshes long forgotten memories of all things vintage - the floral embroidered table cloths, classic china ware and home linens. The single thread embroideries are framed, scalloped and patched on airy cottons, linens and cotton-silks. The color palette is neutral and inspired from sepia toned old pictures, letters and worn-out pages from your favorite book. The silhouettes are apt for summer – breezy and carefree, away from the frills of passing trends. The garments are windows into the past, to be relived now and bring many of our past glories back into our lives.

As life inches towards a new normal, our hope for this year is that we always keep a memorabilia of this life and continue to connect with nature and the small details of everyday life.

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