Daisy Tassels Dress - BunaStudioDaisy Tassels Dress - BunaStudio

Daisy Tassels Dress

INR. 15,400.00
Fireflies Kurta - BunaStudioFireflies Kurta - BunaStudio

Fireflies Kurta

INR. 14,300.00
Cedar Wrap Dress - BunaStudioCedar Wrap Dress - BunaStudio

Cedar Wrap Dress

INR. 15,800.00
Florist Country DressFlorist Country Dress

Florist Country Dress

INR. 12,500.00
Silver Linings Dress - BunaStudioSilver Linings Dress - BunaStudio

Silver Linings Dress

INR. 12,800.00
Pecan Tassel Dress - BunaStudioPecan Tassel Dress - BunaStudio

Pecan Tassel Dress

INR. 10,400.00
Oldpine Tier Dress - BunaStudioOldpine Tier Dress - BunaStudio

Oldpine Tier Dress

INR. 14,800.00
Florist Top - BunaStudioFlorist Top - BunaStudio

Florist Top

INR. 7,500.00
Orchid Maxi Dress - BunaStudioOrchid Maxi Dress - BunaStudio

Orchid Maxi Dress

INR. 13,800.00
Freesia Maxi Dress - BunaStudioFreesia Maxi Dress - BunaStudio

Freesia Maxi Dress

INR. 14,500.00
Rosehip Tiered Dress - BunaStudioRosehip Tiered Dress - BunaStudio

Rosehip Tiered Dress

INR. 13,100.00
Bumblebee Smock Dress - BunaStudioBumblebee Smock Dress - BunaStudio

Bumblebee Smock Dress

INR. 13,200.00
Wild Berries Dress - BunaStudioWild Berries Dress - BunaStudio

Wild Berries Dress

INR. 13,600.00
Fura Fura Stole - BunaStudioFura Fura Stole - BunaStudio

Fura Fura Stole

INR. 6,500.00
Tuscan Sundress - BunaStudioTuscan Sundress - BunaStudio

Tuscan Sundress

INR. 13,100.00
Lost Fables Saree - BunaStudioLost Fables Saree - BunaStudio

Lost Fables Saree

INR. 17,200.00

The night turns into day awakened by a shimmering layer of morning dew on leaves of grass. These glowing droplets and their magical aura are fleeting... vanishing into nothingness with each passing moment. These tiny sparkles adorn our featherlight ensembles for the festive season.

Meraki means to do something with passion, absolute devotion and undivided attention. True to the word, we bring you our labor of love with sartorial detailing and meticulous craftsmanship. Made in the finest varieties of handwoven chanderi, tissue and muslin with a rich and sheer texture, these dresses mirror clear skies and mirth filled evenings. As you wear them, you will discover the little details and the splendour of free flowing silhouettes clad with crystalline loveliness that sparkles in the day and the night!

We designed our Meraki designs to fit perfectly into every modern wardrobe and lifestyle! We bring you tunics, maxis and drop waist dresses in a stunning variety of colors - an ensemble for every mood and occasion. All our Meraki dresses are handmade with absolute passion. Threads move and bend to the weaver's magic wand with ease, creating beautiful patterns and textures with each stroke.

For a glittery evening look in lustrous, rich textures with intricate embroidery, our Nightfall Glimmer Dress is everything you could ask for. Featuring hand embroidery on the yoke, and a ruffled neckline, this midi dress is the go-to companion for your night out ensembles.

For an elevated festive or occasion ensemble, choose from the Fireflies Kurta or the Intimate Gatherings Angrakha Maxi. Both could make the cut as a wardrobe staple. The Intimate Gatherings Angrakha Maxi is a masterclass in texture and refinement. Featuring a full medley of handwoven fabrics - chanderi, muslin and organza - it has been intricately hand embroidered with bespoke contrast piping on the shawl collar, yoke and crochet tassels. A truly unique piece, this silhouette will outfit you from day to night with lasting grace. And the Fireflies Kurta is an exuberant dress made from handwoven chanderi and features intricate hand embroidery and fine checked fabric at the yoke and hem. This airy design falls perfectly on the body as the stitched crochet buttons look as delicate as dewdrops. 

Enthrall yourself on a leisurely day out with our Oldpine Tier Dress. With a subtle hand block printed floral design on a rich terracotta background, its yoke, sleeves and skirt are embellished with rich sequins for the print to stand out. Casual yet stylish enough for a party, pair it with red peep toe pump heels for an alluring, contrasting look!

For a sunny day-out, pull on our yarn-dyed mulmul cotton Tuscan Sundress. An easy-to-wear choice that will transition from season to season. Looking for a mellow festive look? Pair our Swirl Sharara Pants with our Dayspring Kurta. To add more bounce and volume to the look, throw on the Fura Fura Stole, it features zari check in chanderi with crochet edgings. Add a dash of color to your wardrobe with the Rosehip Tiered Dress, it has an edge of vintage appeal and you can wear it round the year. It comes in a mellow block print design, with a tiered middle body and a chic elegant tassel neck tie-up. This dress is easy to pair with heels, boots or sandals for a day look, or sneakers for a weekend outfit.

Step out in style by pairing the Indus Pants with one of our latest kurtas or dresses. It's made from 100% cotton muslin that makes it breathable, easy to maintain and carry around. These keep you cool even on hot days, and are perfect for every day wear. We've added zari check inlay to the hemline, which makes these pants great for both casual and formal occasions.

Our Meraki collection is the epitome of the romantic - getaway, suitable for day or night. Feather-light materials move with your body, giving you one less layer to worry about when escaping for a night. Featuring iridescent mélange materials, dewdrop stitched details, and shimmering embroidered petals... these soft silhouettes ignite the imagination to wander afar. These beautiful featherlight clothes mesmerize the senses with their delicate details, crafting these ethereal dances of light, inspired by the magic of nature. A diamond glow emanates from every gem-tinged leaf and delicate scale of these shimmering dresses.

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