Thoughts In Ink Dress - BunaStudioThoughts In Ink Dress - BunaStudio
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Thoughts In Ink Dress

INR. 13,500.00
Time Travel Dress - BunaStudioTime Travel Dress - BunaStudio

Time Travel Dress

INR. 10,800.00
Wabi Sabi Midi Dress - BunaStudioWabi Sabi Midi Dress - BunaStudio

Wabi Sabi Midi Dress

INR. 11,800.00
Nature Layer Kaftan - BunaStudioNature Layer Kaftan - BunaStudio

Nature Layer Kaftan

INR. 11,800.00
Bloom Playdress - BunaStudioBloom Playdress - BunaStudio

Bloom Playdress

INR. 8,800.00
Gardenia Kurta - BunaStudioGardenia Kurta - BunaStudio

Gardenia Kurta

INR. 10,400.00
Botanical Tier DressBotanical Tier Dress

Botanical Tier Dress

INR. 12,800.00
Bloom Gathered Dress - BunaStudioBloom Gathered Dress - BunaStudio

Bloom Gathered Dress

INR. 11,400.00
Pasture Dress - BunaStudioPasture Dress - BunaStudio

Pasture Dress

INR. 11,800.00
Fern Midi DressFern Midi Dress

Fern Midi Dress

INR. 8,500.00
Country stripe dressCountry stripe dress

Country stripe dress

INR. 10,800.00
Sun Spot DressSun Spot Dress

Sun Spot Dress

INR. 12,500.00
Moon Light MidiMoon Light Midi

Moon Light Midi

INR. 9,900.00
Check Floater DressCheck Floater Dress

Check Floater Dress

INR. 7,400.00
Cloud Floater DressCloud Floater Dress

Cloud Floater Dress

INR. 13,700.00
Dot Yoke Midi DressDot Yoke Midi Dress

Dot Yoke Midi Dress

INR. 11,600.00
All our Midi dresses in one place, handmade in the finest handwoven and natural cottons, silks and linens of India. Delicate, tasteful and charming, they come in pastel blues, sunset beiges, ivory whites, sparkling yellows and many more.

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