Shop Slow

Shop slow

We remember the little joys of childhood when we would pull out a beautiful stole or saree from our mother’s wardrobes, pretend-drape it and dance around our living room. Fast forward a few years, we learn that this garment was actually passed on to our mothers by our nanis (grandmothers) and has now become a treasured item. Every time we now drape the same piece of clothing, it brings memories of our nani, our mother and the innocent twirling of our childhood. Such is the magic of pieces that are slow made with traditional handicrafts and rich textiles of India.

Over the last few years we have transitioned to times where our wardrobes are bursting while we face the “closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” syndrome. Our answer to these woes – minimalism and shop slow. You can strip down your closet to only the best and most treasured items. Shop for pieces that are slow made, support artisanal communities and have a long life cycle. Here are the five guidelines to shop slow and cherish minimalism:

Shop slow

1.Invest in classics
Make small planned purchases. This has never been as relevant as it is today. As we face a pandemic and turn to comfort, we see the same in clothing. Clothing that provides comfort and familiarity. A classic shirt, a traditional piece of clothing, an evergreen dress that makes you feel like your best version - all pieces that transcend seasons or trends. Go for timeless pieces that are artisanal and made with painstaking attention to details. Such pieces will naturally be high quality and have a longer life cycle besides the feel-good factor they bring.

Shop slow

2.It’s hard to go wrong with craft
In India, we are lucky to be part of a land that is steeped in rich heritage coming down to us in the form of art, music, crafts and stories. There is such a plethora of crafts in different corners of India that we are often spoilt for choice. And the best thing about it, it is extremely hard to go wrong with a handcrafted traditionally-made piece, especially a garment made with hand-woven rich textiles. We have all seen our grandmothers and great grandmothers pull off these fabrics with ease and they remain equally relevant today.

3.Quality over Quantity
This has never been more helpful than it is today. With limited resources at hand, value quality over quantity buying. Not only is it a great way of reducing your carbon footprint, but it also ensures that what you buy lasts a long time. Take your time and make small value additions to your wardrobe.

Shop slow

4.Repair, repurpose, reuse
A stitch in time saves nine - while overused is actually our oath that we live by. Your favourite shirt or dress has a hole, patch it with a cut-out heart in a contrasting fabric. And when you can’t repair it yourself, seek help from an expert. Remember the feeling of joy that overcame you when you bought your favourite garment few years back? Why not make that feeling last longer and prolong its life in your wardrobe.

5.Give your old clothes a new home
You know what sparks even more joy than buying a new piece of clothing? Sharing that joy with someone who would value your dear item equally. We all outgrow our clothes with time and there is always a new home waiting to welcome them with open arms. Instead of throwing away your unwanted clothes, donate and give them new meaning.

We are making small changes in our buying pattern to ease our wardrobes and the environment. It is not easy but we have learnt over time that every tiny step counts. Start today, with any of the above tips that help and we ensure you that it’ll make you feel better about your purchases.

Have fun shopping slow 🙂

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