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Article: Threads of Fall

Threads of Fall

"Fall has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."
- Lauren Destefano, American author
It is the time of the year when the leaves turn pale and the paths are gold, a faint chirping sound rings in the dull sky, when the cold heart yearns a summer dream and when the world turns slow. It is this time of the year when the bright days are dimmed, awaiting happy endings and new beginnings. It is then, when the nip in the air spins magic and a Meraki is born. 
Nothing but the hues of autumn played our muse and we created a combination of regal and artisanal in the shadows of fall – coffee, pastel yellow and shades of white & black. Meraki shades symbolise the autumn skies - clear days, merry evenings and the dim blends of dusks and dawns. Like stars embellish the skies, we star studded the rich sheen of our Meraki wear royally, with attention to details. Like a painter visualises his dream on canvas, we visualised our Meraki collection on the finest varieties of our heritage weaves - Chanderi, handspun and handwoven muslin, organza and tissue and at times, a medley of these fabrics. 
Our Chanderi is sourced from its abode itself – the looms of Chanderi village in the heart of India. Known for its luxurious feel, translucence and delicacy, the fabric is interwoven with silver dewdrop motifs, zari, micro-embroidery, hand embroidery and other tiny details that are the soul of Meraki. Few of our Merakis have also been decked with the ancient European craft of crochet. The flowing-sparkling lightweight silhouettes blush with a hint of flamboyance. Literally meaning ‘created with your love & soul’, our Meraki dresses are apt for all occasions. 
While designing our fall collection, when we thought of the festive lights and cheer, Fura Fura took form. While Meraki is an ode to autumn, Fura Fura radiates positivity & the festive spirit the season brings along. In Japanese, it means ‘free-flowing’ or ‘carefree’ and so, the flamboyant dresses flirt with bright shades used in their subtlety. Tints of muted yellows, pinks, whites, purples adorned with embroideries seem like the sunset skies with colours melting into each other or a tranquil gaze on a floral field. The nostalgic small and large polka dots add bursts of vibrancy, coloured stripes and wildflowers celebrate laid-back times and the joys of idyllic living. 
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques like the ancient art of marbling which dates back to 10th century Turkey have been used. We achieve the art by carefully floating paints on top of a thick solution, transforming the paints into patterns, then transferring it to a fabric by gently placing it on top of the solution. The edit also uses Kota Doriya techniques (Light fabrics composed of tiny khats or squares handwoven on traditional pit looms) that have travelled from the 17th century Mysore to Kota in Rajasthan. These playful swirling patterns further undergo tie-dyeing, an ancient resist dyeing technique and hand block printing, using our self designed blocks. These time-honoured techniques are used on airy fabrics, further embellished with hand embroideries, smocking, flared or peasant sleeves, lace details and floral linings. 
Both Meraki & Fura Fura are two sides of the same coin. The dreamscape ensembles of the former have dreamy names – Wander Away Maxi Dress, Daisy Tassels Dress, Lily of the Valley dress that translate the feelings they evoke. The latter evokes youthful memories and reminiscences of childhood - Vanilla Days Dress, Collecting Pebbles Saree, Cotton Candy Dress, the names speak of happy recollections. They are like two genres of prose - dreamy yet vibrant, light yet immersive, artisanal yet trendy and festive yet fluid. The collections fuse the traditional with the contemporary and celebrate attires as pieces of art. Be a part of this journey as we raise a toast to new beginnings and happy endings!

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