Ravangla Days

Tucked away in the southern Himalayas of Sikkim and traversing the ancient silk route, Ravangla is a tiny hamlet sitting far away from the cares and concerns of the world. Laid back, idyllic, charming; it is straight out of a picture book with blooming slopes and expansive horizons. Autumn sunsets here are riveting, the skies turning cerulean blue with brilliant hues of warm purples and olive greens. The people are simple and open hearted with welcoming smiles beaming through the frost! Inspired and touched, we bring you this collection with fabrics colour blocked in jewel shades, ditzy folk floral embroideries and loom rendered heart motifs. We have used a saturated palette of rich colours – mauves, emerald jades, deep indigos – giving depth to the handloom weave. The textiles include indigo dyed Jamdani, handwoven Cotton-Silk and handwoven linen.